Shylily Face in Real Life (IRL) – With Some Interesting Facts

If you are a big fan of Shylily, this article is for you. We have covered everything about her. Her face reveals her real-life likes and dislikes, including cosplays and hobbies. You will find more interesting facts about her look and what she wants for her future.

Shylily is a rising star of Twitch; she has gained 1,100,000 followers as one of the platform’s biggest VTubers.

Lily, her virtual character Youtube story is about an orca spirit saving a little girl who died from falling through the ice by being reborn as an aquatic mammal. Her lore story is fantastic, yet tragic at the same time.

In contrast to her virtual character, In this article, we will explore some of the facts about shylily from real life.

Shylily Face in Real Life (IRL)

Shylily has not made any Shylily face reveal on Twitter yet, but here is a video found on Twitter. You can see it is probably shylily or some of her fans in this video. Who is acting in the live show as shylily?

Watch below shylily, and kobo kanaeru collaborating in real life in which they perform live and do fun, engaging acts.

Shylily in Real Life Details

Nickname Shylily
Profession VTuber, Twitch streamer & famous social media personality
Age 27 [as of 2023]
Real Name Lily
Date of Birth 5 August 1996
Height 5’1″
Hometown Germany
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality German
Religion Christianity
College Not Known
Hobbies Traveling, Streaming on Twitch
Famous For Streaming on Twitch

What does Shylily likes to eat in real life

A video has been caught and share below where you can see shylily putting lemon juice on nuggets, in her caption she mentioned that she loves it.

Shylily Face in Real Life

This could possibly be the face of Shylily, but who is 100% sure?

Shylily Face in Real Life

If these both girls look alike to you then it can be shylily in real life.

shylily face irl

Shylily Height

In a live stream, Shylily confirmed her age is 5’1 or 155.44 cm. Who cares if lilly is short? That makes her more adorable. Right?

Shylily Cosplay

Since cosplay stands for costume play, it has been found that many models have been cosplaying, like shylily. If you search for shylily on Instagram, many models dress up like shylily.

We have shared some famous cosplay below; do not forget to give your opinion about them.

There are many exciting cosplays on Instagram when you type #shylily, you will find out.

Shylily Hair

Shylily got a new haircut, and her hairs look more beautiful. But as a fan said, It’d be cool if she did hairstyles her chat suggested and then showed them. And also, long hair is pretty dope.

Here we have both hairstyle pictures before and after of shylily.




Another fan reaction, Whenever I see someone with long hair, I get mesmerized, and now knowing Lily has long hair, how can she be so PERFECT?

What would be your reaction? Do not hesitate to share with us!

Lily’s Hair is Long though, though it makes sense because her Orcat Avatar has a feature of her in Real Life.

Shylily Twitch Face Reveal

Ever wondered how does shylily looks like while getting ready for Twitch? She just revealed it herself. So you can say shylily face reveals twitchcon with her fans to show them a bit of her cuteness.

Shylily Fanart

Shylily has a huge fanbase, so many fans have dressed like shylily as they get inspired by her. Also, Many of her fans have created so much art for her as her fans—some of it we have shared below. Let us know if you also want us to put your art here and name in the fanbase ;).

There are some kind of attractive digital arts as well as some traditional style of fanart. We have shared some samples here of both kinds.

There are fans everywhere on the internet so lets explore some more fanart of shylily that comes directly from her fans.

Shylily Face Reveal Twitchcon

Lily shows her fans her pictures with fans from Twitch Con.

Shylily has a stream on her Twitch in which she has revealed her face on twitchcon.

Shylily Gamersupps Mousepad

Gamersupps have launched a mousepad with the shylily art printed on it, and now it is available in the market, which you can also purchase. Here are some details about the product and a link to order and buy it.

Gamersupps Waifu Cups ShyLily Mouse Pad

Condition and description: This item is a new and unopened item in original packing. Some of its features are:

  • Brand: Waifu Cups
  • Design: Season 3
  • Type: Mouse Pad
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Features: Gaming, Large/XL, Non-Slip.

Shylily Got Recognized by delivery guy in Real Life

Shylily IRL just got recognized by a delivery guy. As Said by Shylily, You don’t recognize people by their voice but by their unique traits or character.

Some Personality Facts on Shylily Vtuber

Shylily joined Youtube on 20 September 2015. So far, she has got 22M total views on all her videos. She is truly a rising star of the future.

Lily, knowns as shylily, is a very cheerful Orca. She is an independent VTuber from the Netherlands. She is wholesome and does not shy away from making nasty stuff. She is sometimes lewd and unexpectedly wholesome.

She mainly interacts with lewd sentences in the cutest way possible. Her such behaviour is maybe because she has a cat personality.

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