Ed Sheeran details the lovestruck jitters in sweet new single

Ed Sheeran details the lovestruck jitters in sweet new single …, where metaphors and similes have a close interpretation. There’s also the vivid imagery and emotions that listeners are offered. In addition, Ed’s melody is worthy of appreciation, all while he has come up with heart-wrenching lyrics. Fans when they listen to his music, will likely take an imaginary journey along.

Also, fans of Ed Sheeran are highly anticipating his latest single, which alone can make us feel nerve-wracking emotions mixed with love. Plus, the lyrics are to die for where Ed has made sure to include a personal touch — exactly what he is known for. As per the remarkable singer, butterflies in one’s stomach mean something special and make anyone feel alive and giddy from within.

One poetic line that stands out for many is “Love comes rushing back then everything else goes black”. Listening to this, anyone is compelled to reminisce about their past love stories. Such quick flashbacks of the sweet past may also have to do something with relatability, which is said to be somewhat universal. Noticeably, the song is trying to connect with everyone, no matter what kind of listener one is. For instance, the song will make a person feel like catching somebody’s eye and attention. Meanwhile, the rhythm of the heart is fast, your palms sweaty, and you are trapped in a magical world. How so? Well, that’s the beauty of Ed Sheeran and his voice and lyrics.

Ed Sheeran details the lovestruck jitters in sweet new single … : Best for Lovers and To Fall in Love

As you explore the songs of Ed Sheeran’s latest single, you’ll enter into the realm of emotion and imagery, while feeling magical from top to bottom. Most of its lyrics are about love and compassion. But it equally describes uncertainty where longing for things has been put through. And not very surprisingly, fans were able to connect so well. Many suggest that such a worldwide appreciation comes from relatability as many saw themselves amid the situation. Even the tone that Ed uses is very playful, but analyzing it more deeply will depict the hidden message about meeting true love. As you analyze the creations of Ed, make sure to also go through the metaphors and the wordplay. Both have been smoothly instilled into the lyrics, all while a hidden message prevails.

Visiting Hours

‘Visiting Hours’ is one of the latest singles by Ed Sheeran, that he dedicates to his friend who has now left this world. Through this song, one can understand the emotional rally when a close one is lying on the hospital bed. This track, as many suggest, is a unique piece and something that mostly unravels the grief. But for Ed, it is a part of the healing process and pretty therapeutic. Many who have just lost a special one can listen to this track for inspiration, too.

One part of the lyrics says “Heaven had visiting hours’’, which points at a touching aspect of life while keeping up with as much grace as possible. Perhaps, the grief of losing someone close is something that everyone has to face at some point and Ed has talked about the same thing. Fans will also find the mesmerizing singer with his acoustic guitar, a signature move that he pulls in every possible occasion. Meanwhile, the lyrics are beyond words and indescribable.

Ed further expresses his feelings of longing to make the most out of the remaining minutes with his friend. Likewise, he is worried that he’ll mess things up as he wants to have everything done with perfection. The emotions in such scenarios are often complex, but Ed has managed to frame them into words. Such also portrays how great of a songwriter the singer is. Moreover, he is an expert in making people feel the song from within.

Beautiful People

‘Beautiful people’ is much about the vibes of falling and rising in love. The lyrics are such that they can soften anybody’s heart and delve into the rushing emotions, simultaneously. The song starts with Ed in a club but isn’t attentive to the surroundings. That is because he wants the company of no one but his sole partner, whom he loves to the core. The lyrics are also very sweet but convey a bit of uncertainty and nervousness at the same time. Meanwhile, the chorus is what grabs the most attention, which tells about the couple being lost in their magical state. Simultaneously, everything that goes on otherwise is no more a concern for the love birds. As you proceed towards the second version, you will hear Ed talking about his first date, feelings, and nervousness that came along.

Ed Sheeran as a songwriter

Almost every songwriter sees the skills of Ed Sheeran as an ideal way of doing the work. This also leaves many people wondering about how he manages to pull greatness with ease. Needless to say, the singer does so by taking a bit of his real-life experience and observations and pens down on every possible personality he comes across. And not to forget his signature move of using the guitar, which he also does to craft a tune. Such also provides an instinctive storytelling and only when the chords work is over, will Ed begin inputting the lyrics.

For instance, we have the ‘Dive’ from his album ÷ (Divide). Well, many do not know this, but the track comes from his experience of a wedding party he attended. At the same event, he came across a mesmerizing girl and was not able to stop his thoughts about her. This story also tells how Ed carries out an organic storytelling process.

Ed Sheeran and his collaborations

Ed Sheeran’s latest album also comes with some grand collaborations, where you can find other popular artists in the background. This also means that the excitement will double as two artists collaborate, for something grand. Starting from ‘visiting hours’, Ed worked with Dermot Kennedy here. Both had previously worked together but reunited for the second time, this time for visiting hours. Another great example is ‘Bad Habits’, which also wasn’t a solo shot. Well, this song was co-written and produced by a few great personalities, like Fred Again and Johnny McDaid.


By now, the world agrees and believes that the singer takes his inspiration from his personal experience. Plus, his ability to add organic storytelling is less doubted. Ed even openly speaks about how he uses his wild night-outs to his advantage. Likewise, every mistake that he underwent as a lover, lies in the lyrics of his songs. But that’s not all; because Ed is yet to put more of his experiences out as songs — not certain, but somewhat believable. As Ed Sheeran details the lovestruck jitters in a sweet new single, the singer plus songwriter has once again proved his power. No doubt, he is full of talent and maintains versatility. Thus, his place in dominating the charts is right and Ed Sheeran deserves it all.

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