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The Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit article shared details about a case that was spine-chilling.

Are you aware of the University of Idaho murder? Are you curious about Dylan’s girlfriend? Is this a case where there is an arrest? This article will discuss why people blame Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend and other social networking platforms.

Who is Dylan and her boyfriend?

Dylan Mortensen was one of two survivors of the attack at Idaho University on 13 November 2022. Quinn, Dylan’s boyfriend, called 911 from outside the house after the attack. Sources claim that people blame him on social media, claiming that Quinn Kelley may have had some connection to the murder

What was he doing at odd hours outside his house? Why was his girlfriend not killed in the murder? Everyone is also confused as to why Dylan took six hours just to report the police on the murders. Reddit users demand that Dylan’s boyfriend be investigated by the police.

Additional Details about The Attack

The attack took place near the University of Idaho in Moscow on 13th November 2022. This attack resulted in the deaths of four students. Idaho Murders Killed Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle. Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen and Madison Mogen were also killed. Bethany and Dylan, however, survived.

Dylan described the victim as a tall, black-clad man with a mask on his face. This question is causing her immense pressure. A suspect was arrested in a case of murder and burglary in Pennsylvania on 30 December 2022. Bryan Kohberger is the suspect. An investigation is ongoing.

Information on Quinn’s Parents

Online sources indicate that Quinn is being targeted because of his parents’ background. His father has multiple criminal records and was in jail last year. His mother’s details are not publicly available online, but people believe that his criminal record links him to the killer.

People’s Reactions

Everyone will voice their opinion when news is made public. Although Mortensen is herself a victim, the comments on Instagram as well as other social media platforms regarding Dylan and Quinn have been very harsh. They suspect Dylan, as well as Quinn.


The Idaho University murder case is covered in this article. People are talking about Dylan, a survivor, and Quinn Kelley, his boyfriend. Internet users are suggesting that the couple may be related to the murderer. Click here to learn more about Dylan and the reasons why they are blamed.

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